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Deer Hunting

Versiune curenta: 1.0
Dezvoltator: Gabi Siretu
Marime: 28M
Cerinte: 2.0.1 sau o versiune ulterioară
Ultimul update: 17 Martie 2014
Lansat: 27 Noiembrie 2013


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Hear that rustling in the bushes? See something zip through the foliage? Ready your trusted rifle because it's time to hunt some deer! 'Deer Hunting,' available now on Android, puts players in the shoes of a veteran hunter in a forest teeming with wildlife. Featuring intuitive arcade style controls; players must simply tap the galloping deer to shoot them down and earn points. Collecting sufficient points unlocks 6 beautiful environments and an arsenal of weaponry (shotguns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, magnum pistols etc.) However, as the levels progress, players must contend with a winding clock, limited ammunition and swifter prey! What's more, players have got to be careful where they shoot; hitting friendly critters such as birds or baby deer results in a penalty. The eagle eyed hunter should watch out for power ups such as bombs, slow motion, ammunition and additional time (wouldn't want to make it too easy for the deer). Load up on essentials, load your weapons and let's go deer hunting!


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